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We are what we make of our pain.

7 November
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This is my journal for all things fan-ish. Here you will find rants, rambles, recs and reviews (along with ample amounts of alliterations, apparently...) and my random thoughts on slash and writing. If you like those things too, you're welcome to friend me!


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Writing is about getting something down, not about thinking something up. ... writing is the art of taking dictation, not giving it. When I listen to what I hear and simply jot that down, the flow of ideas is not mine to generate but to transcribe. When, on the other hand, I struggle to write, it is because I am trying to speak on the page rather than listen there. ... Once writing becomes an act of listening instead of an act of speech, a great deal of the ego goes out of it. ... Instead of being an act of pontification, writing becomes an act of revelation. This is true for any writer who lets writing write through him. We the writers, as much as any reader, are in for the treat of discovering what comes next.

- Julia Cameron, "The Right to Write" -